Club Bylaws


A) The Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club was organized as, and will be run as, a non-profit organization for the purpose of providing family oriented social, educational, and recreational activities for it’s membership.
B) The Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club is open to anyone with a four wheel drive vehicle (that is licensed and insured for operation on the highway and has a transfer case with low and high range) who is interested in having fun by physically challenging themselves and their vehicles in a safe manor.
NOTE: Exceptions to this rule may be accepted providing it is agreed to by the majority of the Club members present at a general membership meeting prior to the granting of the exception.
C) The objective is to have a minimum of one official event per month. This will range from off-road runs (of various difficulties) to attending events hosted by other clubs. It does not include the monthly meetings. Due to unpredictable winter conditions and  unforeseen problems there could possibly be a month where no official event takes place but every reasonable effort will be made to prevent this from happening.
D) There will be a monthly calender prepared which covers the planned events for the next twelve (12) months. It will be presented and discussed at the monthly meeting. It will also be posted at the club web site. When exact times and meeting location are not listed in the calendar all members will be called and advised of the exact details of the event.
E) There is a Club cellular telephone which is normally available at all events. It is normally turned on during events otherwise it is only used for its answering machine.
F) The fiscal year shall extend from January 1st to December 31st.
G) A decal is provided by the Club to each new member when they first pay their dues. Membership renewals do not receive a second decal.
H) It is suggested that each member display the club logo on one of their vehicles (IE plate or decal).
I) All members must conduct themselves in a respectable fashion while affiliated with the Club during any function or event, including general and Board of Director meetings. Any member disgracing themselves in the public eye can be subject to expulsion from the Club, subject to the decision of the Board of Directors and a vote.
J) 1. Major rule violators, such as the alcohol rule and or if the individual breaks a Club rule that clearly puts someone else at high risk, without warning them first, will have their membership terminated on the first offence.
2. Minor rule violators will receive two written warnings from the Board of Directors and on the third offence their membership will be terminated.
3. All offences and or terminations of Membership will be discussed at the monthly meeting, before it becomes official, to ensure Club members are aware of all related circumstances. NOTE: Anyone having their membership terminated, as a result of rule violation(s), will not be reimbursed any of their paid dues.
K) Any member who is deemed objectionable to the Club may upon written complaint, be removed from the Club membership by a two-thirds vote of the membership present and voting, and his/her dues refunded on a prorated basis, approved by the board. The individual will retain the right to apply for membership again in the next fiscal year. The application must be in writing and it will be placed on the agenda at one general meeting and voted on at the next general meeting.
L) All Club logos, patches, decals and other Club-related paraphernalia shall be destroyed or returned to the Club upon termination of membership.
M) In the event that the Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club is disbanded all property will be liquidated by the Board of Directors and all monies in the Treasury, after all accounts are settled, will be donated to a registered charity of the Treasurer’s choice.
N) All members are responsible for the actions and behaviours of their passengers and guests and must insure they are aware of and abide by the ORA by-laws.


Applicable Membership Information

To become an ORA member an individual must attend two official ORA trail related events and then present the completed membership forms at the monthly meeting. The Board of Directors can grant an exception, to this rule, providing they feel the individual’s circumstances require an exception.
Note that a new membership can be subject to a Board of Directors review and any current ORA member has the right to advise the Board of Directors of any reasons that an individual should or should not be accepted as an ORA member.
  1. Renewal membership fees are due on or before the first general monthly meeting of each year.
  2. New and or renewal Membership fees, for the following year, can be paid any time after December 1st.
  3. Any member whose dues are sixty days in arrears shall be dropped from the rolls of this organization.
  4. It will be expected that all club members donate some time other than going to events or meetings. For example; preparing trails, acting as Trail-guide, organizing and assisting at events.

General Membership

A) General and Charter Membership Dues are thirty ($30.00) dollars per year.
B) Reduced membership, available only if joining after September 1st, is twenty ($20.00) dollars for remainder of year.
C) Members must attend at least 2 general meetings per year, one in the first half and one in the second half of the year or they will forfeit their membership.
D) Members must attend at least 2 events per year, does not include the monthly meetings, one in the first half and one in the second half of the year or they will forfeit their membership.

Family Membership

A) A Family Membership is available to any member that has either a second prospective member living in the same household or has a significant other.
B) Family Membership fee is $10.00 over and above the General Membership fee and it gives both individuals the same rights and requirements as the general membership does.
C) It allows bringing a second vehicle to events/runs.
D) Family Memberships will receive a second Club decal.
E) The second person joining, for the family membership, completes the waiver form only. If they want to register a second vehicle they must also complete the full membership application.

Associate Membership

A) Does not have to attend meetings but in exchange has no voting rights.
B) Anyone living sixty (60) miles (100 Kilometres), or more, away from Montreal (by the most direct route), for the standard membership fee, can voluntarily become an Associate Member instead of a General Member.
C) Anyone living within a sixty (60) mile (100 Kilometres) range of Montreal, that wants to become an Associate Member instead of a General Member, can do so by paying double the General Membership fee.


A) The first twenty (20) people, who adopted and signed the by-laws of the Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club on or before the regular scheduled July 1999 meeting, had the voluntary option of becoming Charter Members of the Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club.
B) Anyone who was a member of good standing in the Eastern Off Road Enthusiasts 4X4 Club automatically was eligible, if they wanted, to immediately becomes a Charter member of the Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club, providing they paid their membership dues on or before the March 1999 regular scheduled
general meeting of the Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club. This applied even if they were not one of the first twenty (20) people that paid their dues to the Club under section A).
C) In the event that the number of Charter Members fall below ten (10) the most senior non-charter member, by date of Club enrolment, will be asked if they want to become a Charter member. This process will be repeated until there are twenty (20) charter members or everyone in the Club that wants to be is a Charter
D) To insure hosts, for the main monthly runs/events, a random selection from all Charter Members (only one name from a Family membership) will be made each year at the March Board of Directors meeting. This will be done by placing their names in a hat. As they are drawn out the individual will be assigned, in numerical order, to the first month available. Before the April meeting the individual must advise the Event Coordinator, of at least the exact date(s) and general description, for the run/event they will be hosting. It must be suitable for, and open to, all Club members and vehicles. This is to allow the production of a yearly calender so people can plan around these runs/events.
NOTE: Normally June, July, August and October are reserved for three major yearly events that are under the guidance of the Board of Directors. Note, as this can vary from year to year, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors will advise which months are available for the draw at or before
the March meeting.


A) Meetings of the general membership of the Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club will be held monthly. Meetings will normally be held the second Monday of the month at 7:30 PM. (except see NOTE) unless a new date, time and or location is prearranged at the previous general meeting. Telephone 514 234 4294 or check the website for up to date information re date, time and location of meeting. NOTE: May and November meetings will be held on the Second Saturday of the month at 9:00 AM at the Presidents home instead of the usual day, time and location.
B) Voting power shall be one vote per person with a valid membership. All types of voting must be in person as there is no voting by proxy, mail, or E-mail.
C) Order of Business for general membership meetings:
  1. Call to order (includes welcoming new guests).
  2. Roll call (done by Secretary as meeting starts.
  3. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting.
  4. Treasurer’s report.
  5. Committee’s reports.
  6. Report on the Board of Directors meeting.
  7. Old business, from agenda (to include new Calender and past event info from the run sheets).
  8. New business, from agenda.
  9. Round table suggestions where each member can bring up one Club related topic for discussion. Whoever is chairing the meeting will decide if the topic is appropriate (club related), should it be discussed immediately or should it be added to the next month’s agenda.
  10. Determine if changes required for next membership meeting time and location.
  11. Entertainment
  12. Adjournment


A) Club members may invite one additional non-Club member (with their own vehicle) to attend Club functions. Members hosting an event shall be notified of the additional guest prior to the trip and the inviting member will be responsible to advise the non-member of all applicable rules.
B) If you are going to host a run/event (this item is optional for small runs see section on “Buddy System”.
  1. Contact the Event Coordinator, to ensure the date/time slot is clear.
  2. Give him the required information (as per event information sheet).
    • Day and Date of event
    • Destination/location of event
    • Meeting location
    • Meeting time
    • General type of terrain
    • Who is the host, Trail-guide(s) and alternate contact(s) (ensure whoever you want as the Trail-guide is qualified, available and agreeable to it, before listing them as Trail-guide)
    • OPTIONAL ITEM: Minimum requirements (i.e.: due to hills, large rocks, lots of bushes, etc.).
  3. As the EVENT HOST you assist the Event Coordinator in advising all paid up club members as to the run/event information. You write in who you called, remarks (IE: left message – not coming – etc). You can even have someone else call a couple of club members but mark that on the event information sheet.
  4. After the event you complete the last section of the event information sheet “Additional information (i.e.: Event review, how the run went, problems, etc.)” and bring to the next meeting to give to the Event Coordinator. This run sheet will be used to advise the web-master.


The Buddy System has been established to assist people who just want to have small runs with a few like equipped vehicles. It is not set-up to replace the monthly run/event but to supplement it and reduce members from going off-roading by themselves.

There is a list that shows a minimum of the Members name and telephone number. Any individual member is free to call up a few friends and or members when they want to go on a spur of the moment or small run. This also works when exploring new trails where the obstacles are unknown.

Item B) of the section “MAJOR EVENT INFORMATION” only applies in relation to completing a run sheet. This will help the Club keep track of the trails and the number and type of runs the Club members are interested in. All Club by-laws, including the buck-a-stuck, apply at these buddy runs. It is the responsibility of the run host to ensure the records are kept and money collected.


A) Tow hooks are required (OBLIGATORY) for the front and strongly recommended for the rear. Welded on tow hooks are not acceptable. Trailer hitch balls (under 10,000 lbs rated) and or standard bumpers are not recommended for towing. A one run exemption for new members.
B) It is required that all vehicles carry a tow strap of at least a 10,000 lbs rating. Chain is to be used only as a last resort and with extreme caution. Professionally made tow ropes are acceptable if they tagged as certified for at least 10,000 pounds and have proper loops on both ends. Ropes and or straps must be in good condition with no damaged sections. Straps and ropes with standard tow hooks on the end must not be used (OBLIGATORY).
C) When using a winch, a blanket or equivalent must be put over the cable (OBLIGATORY).
D) When towing, winching and or directing a vehicle through an obstacle there must be only one person giving directions and that will normally be the Trail-guide unless the vehicle operator specifically requests someone else.
E) If you see something that you think the individual operating the vehicle has not seen, which you feel could possibly injure someone and or damage a vehicle, you are responsible to advise them of such. Otherwise always ensure that an individual wants help (ask them) before attempting to spot them.
F) Appropriate safety practices must be adhered to at all times and the Trail-guide has final say, including the decision as to whether a vehicle and or it’s operator is safe and or capable of completing a specific run.
G) Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended that all vehicles carry a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, tow strap, jack and CB radio.
H) A spare tire is required for all off highway runs and, although not required, it is recommended that it be a full sized one.


A) Tread Lightly policy and guidelines will be observed.
B) Illegal substances are not acceptable at any time. The consumption of any beverage, containing alcohol, by members and or passengers or guests is not permitted during club trail rides. No operating and or spotting a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and or illegal substances. The intent of this rule is to promote safety by preventing the possibility of someone, intentionally or unintentionally, operating or spotting a vehicle while under the influence.
C) The right of way, where possible, belongs to foot, bicycle or other non motorized transportation.
D) When meeting horses on the trail, and giving them the right of way, you are to shut your engine off until they have gone by.
E) Always keep the vehicle behind you in sight and if you loose sight of it, stop and wait. Exception to this is on a main highway where you are to proceed to the next safe turn-off area where you are to wait for the tail-gunner to handle to situation.
F) CB radios are recommended for convenience and normally channel 4 will be used.
G) Pack out all the garbage you pack in. Leave camp sites and parking areas in as neat or neater condition that you found them.
H) When someone breaks, has vehicle problems or is stuck, everyone pitches in to help. Everyone or no one proceeds unless mutually agreed upon.
I) All reasonable good Samaritan effort will be expended to help anyone be they member, non-member or someone encountered on the trail or when going to or from the trail.
J) All vehicle operators must follow the guidance of the Trail-guide.
K) It is the responsibility of all individuals to promote safety by bring any by-law infraction to the attention of the Trail Leader, or any member of the Board of Directors, as soon as it is observed.


A) There is a buck a stuck rule in effect at all off-road excursions.
1) You must pay $1.00 each time you need a pull (or push or shove or winch) even when the stuck is the result of towing someone else. It is the responsibility of the puller to advise the one being pulled that
they must pay $1.00. It should be collected at that time as all buck-a-stuck money is to be collected at the event.
2) There is a $10.00 limit per day.
3) If you wish to be exempt from the buck-a-stuck rule for that event you can make a $5.00 donation (to the Trail-guide) before the event starts. This must be paid before the second vehicle gets stuck.
4) All collected money, from the buck-a-stuck, is to be turned over to the Treasurer before or at the next monthly meeting. The proceeds will then be donated to a charity, of the Treasurer’s choice, about once per year dependent on the amount collected.


A) The officers of Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Event Coordinator. They shall be known as the Board of Directors. It shall be their duty to draw up an agenda for all board and general membership meetings.
B) They will guide the Club by taking the many ideas on a topic and reducing them to three choices so those three choices can be put to a vote at a general meeting.
C) When they feel it is required they have the right to make up committees and appoint willing members to these committees. These committees will report to the Board of Directors who will be responsible to put the Committee’s ideas into choices which will be brought to the members for a vote.
D) When they feel it is required they have the right to request someone to attend the Board of Directors meeting but that individual is there for supplying and or clarifying information only and will not have a vote at the Board of Directors meeting.
E) They have the power to call a special general meeting, on five (5) days notice, in order to speed up the handling of any topic or project.
F) A conflict between the Board of Directors shall be put to a vote, at a general members meeting, provided it cannot be resolved.
G) Meetings of the Board of Directors for Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club shall be held monthly. They will be held during the week directly following the week of the General Membership meeting, on Wednesday at 7:00 PM, at the Club President home unless a new date or location is prearranged at a previous meeting or arranged by complete agreement of the Board of Directors. Any four of the five members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum of that body.



  1. Shall exercise general supervision of the club.
  2. Present a written agenda at all general and Board of Directors Meetings.
  3. Shall conduct general and Board of Directors Meetings as per the agenda.
  4. Handles club correspondence (except new member inquiries).
  5. Monitor and guide all committees.
  6. Co-Sign checks with the treasurer unless President and Treasurer are from same family.
  7. Be present at and participate in as many Club functions as possible.
  8. Other work as required.


  1. Act as President in the absence of the President.
  2. Co-Sign checks in the absence of the President or if President and Treasure are from same family.
  3. Shall accept and record all membership applications, and keep Membership Roster up to date.
  4. Be present at and participate in as many Club functions as possible.
  5. Other work as required.


  1. Co-Sign checks with the President or Vice-President unless from the same family.
  2. Handles all club finances.
  3. Other work as required.


  1. Keep and preserve all minutes and records of all membership and Board of Directors meetings.
  2. Shall assume the responsibility of a ledger role call and determine the amount of voting members present so it may be known if a quorum is in attendance (Fifty-one percent of the general membership plus fifty-one percent of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for a general membership meeting. Note exception to the Elections section.
  3. Shall count and record results of all club votes.
  4. Other work as required.

Event Coordinator

  1. Shall assist members in organizing and promoting club trips.
  2. Ensure a Trailguide is appointed for each run.
  3. Ensure all Club members are advised about Club Events.
  4. Handles Club communications re inquiries from new member inquiries.
  5. Ensure a Calendar of Events is maintained.
  6. Maintain the Event run sheets.
  7. Be present at and participate in as many Club functions as possible.
  8. Other work as required, including updating the Club telephone message.


A) The membership shall nominate officers and directors each year at the regular November meeting. Voting will take place at the regular December meeting.
B) The newly elected officers shall take office as of January 1st.
C) Nominations for any position on the Board of Directors or committees can be submitted by any member in good standing, Nominees for Secretary, Treasurer and Event Coordinator can be any member in good standing but the positions of President and Vice President of the Club can only be held by Charter members of the Club. When the Charter members numbers decline, to four or less, an amendment will be made to the election by-laws to provide a means of voting in future Presidents and Vice Presidents.
D) A 51 % majority of votes cast, by the members present at the December meeting, is necessary for election to an office or position on the Board of Directors. A quorum of the membership is not required.


A) All monies received from all resources shall immediately be turned over to the Treasurer to be deposited to the chequeing account of the Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club.
B) No withdrawal from funds shall be made without approval of the Board of Directors. Single expenditures in excess of $100 must have the approval of the majority of the voting quorum of the membership. All expenditures shall be made by cheque and the item for which each cheque is drawn shall be designated in the cheque register. If funds for more than one purpose are included, they shall be itemized separately, stating the amount of each.
C) The signature of any two of the President, Vice President, or Treasurer shall be required to validate a cheque. No two signatures can be from the same family.
D) Any charges for NSF cheques will be the responsibility of the individual writing the cheque and will not be born by the Off Roaders Anonymous 4X4 Club.


A) These By-laws may be amended by a 2/3 (two-thirds) majority vote at a regular membership meeting, a quorum being present and voting.
B) Any amendment to the By-laws must be presented to the membership at the regular membership meeting preceding the one at which the vote is taken.

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  1. Hi, I recently picked up a Wrangler and am new to the off-roading/4×4 scene, so I’m looking for a club to guide me and show me some trails in Montreal, and overall just to have fun with. I was wondering what the process would be to become a member? I’ve read all the Club Bylaws and they sound very reasonable/fair. I know I must attend two events, but do I just show up? Please let me know what the process is, and if you’re still accepting members.

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hi Nomaan,

      We have a club meeting coming up on Monday July 13th, at 7:30PM at the ;
      Dairy Queen #105 AUTOROUTE DE SOUVENIR, L’ile-perrot, QC J7V 5L7
      I will be there as will several members to talk about upcomming events etc.
      Is best to meet up with us there get to know us, ask some questions and we can see your Jeep and it’s capabilities.
      If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me at


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