Recovery Gear


This topic is to inform people about recovery gear. Tools and equipment needed to recover your rig if it happens to get stuck, ARB sells a kit (shown above) however you can make your own kit for a lot less and suited more for your needs.


Just like the boy-scouts, always be prepared for any situation.  Mandatory in all recovery gear should be Tow Straps, ranging from 10000lbs and over. These come in various lengths, you need minimum 20′ recommended 30′ long.

Next to go with your straps you will need D-Rings or Shackles. These will anchor your strap to your rig to another vehicle or obstacle. Nominal size shackle to have is 3/4″53751-lg

These 2 should be the first items you store in your Jeep or Rig for any off-roading. These are very basic items, my next write up I will include some more advanced equipment.